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Openpath was created by a team of serial entrepreneurs who were tired of forgetting their office keys at home, frustrated with having to carry multiple badges to get into their buildings, and seriously worried about the security of their workspace given the state of the world today.

We've worked extremely hard to build a company that can offer a new, seamless style of security that takes advantage of the latest technologies and makes people feel safe at work. Access Control is the flagship product in our mission to improve the quality and safety of the modern workspace through automation.

We are excited to announce that on July 15th, 2021 Openpath was acquired by Motorola Solutions, and our mission has been turbo charged now that we are part of a much larger security platform. Motorola Solutions is a leader in the physical security industry, and our combined access control solutions can provide customers the right solution to match the growth, size, or scale of their business at any stage.


Reduce friction in the built environment

For the organization that doesn’t want to compromise ease for security, Openpath is innovative, intelligent access control that automates your security infrastructure, so you can focus on managing your business.

Intellectual property

Openpath has been hard at work building our technology in stealth for the past few years. Our founding team has a long history building innovative technology with more than 50 patents awarded between the founders. We have a number of patent applications on file and have been awarded the following patents already.